Sanat Carpet

Sanat Hali that Kartal Hali starting the trade in 1985 and being one of the export champions brought in Turkish Carpet Sector took its place in the sector with the slogan of "Art engraved in the carpet" and unique designs.

Sanat Hali adopting business ethics, self-devotion and discipline as the principles, considers its products as the decoration tool beyond the floor covering and process the carpets with unique patterns, modern weaving techniques and its own design team and offers products for every taste.

Sanat Hali being open to innovations as well as traditionalism took its place in the sector assertively as an "innovative" and "unusual" brand with its unique style and different yarns.

It gets its consumers together with perfect products by means of distribution network undergoing stabile and permanent rising and developing continuously at short notice by prioritizing the quality and consumer satisfaction.


Our Vision

To create high and sustainable values ​​for all its stakeholders as a leading company that beautifies the living spaces with aesthetic, quality and health-sensitive carpets.


Our Mission

To be the most preferred brand in the carpet industry, known all over the world for its designs and production quality.

Our Core Values

  • Always be open and honest
  • Customer oriented thinking and acting
  • Giving importance to knowledge, technology and being innovative
  • Being assertive and working hard
  • Using resources effectively
  • Valuing people
  • Knowing their responsibilities towards the environment and society